E151/3 FA 17

Introduction to Analog Design


Labs and Design Projects

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Lecture Notes, Handouts, Homework, Readings

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# Resources Title G&M section
01 Notes Handout Pset Intro and Linear Network Theory Review No book
02 Notes Handout Pset Two Ports and Dynamics Review 3.1 (ish)
03 Notes Handout Pset Introduction to Diodes 1.2
04 Notes Handout Pset Diodes, Resistors and Small Signals No book
05 Notes Handout Pset Introduction to Bipolar Junction Transistors 1.3.{1-3}
06 Notes Handout Pset Biasing BJTs and Small Signal Models 1.4 (ish)
07 Notes Handout Pset Common Emitter Amplifiers 3.3.1
08 Notes Handout Amplifier Design Process and Voltage Swing No Book
09 Notes Handout Pset CE w/ Emitter Degeneration, Emitter Follower 3.3.{6,8}
10 Notes Handout Common Base Amplifiers + Project Q&A 3.3.{3,5}
11 Notes Handout Pset Introduction to MOSFETs 1.{5,6}
12 Notes Handout Review via MOSFET Single Stage Amps 3.3.{2,4,7,9}
13 Notes Handout Pset Dynamic Model of BJT 1.2.1, 1.4.{2,7,8}
14 Notes Handout Pole/zero plots, CE Dynamics, Miller Effect 7.2.1
15 Notes Handout Pset EF Dynamics and Open Circuit Time Constants 7.2.3, 7.3.{1,2}
16 Notes Handout Short Circuit Time Constants and Cascodes, 7.3.4
17 Notes Handout Pset Review and MOSFET Dynamic Model 1.6.{2,7}
18 Notes Handout MOS Physics and Design + Project Q&A 1.5.{1,3}, 1.6.{4,6},
19 Notes Handout Current Mirrors and Active Loads 4.2.{1-3,5}, 7.3.5
20 Notes Handout Differential Pairs 3.5.{1-2, 4-6}
21 Notes Handout Pset More Differential Pairs 3.5.6, 7.3.4
22 Notes Handout Pset Band Gap References and Current Sources 4.4 (selected)
23 Notes Handout Output Stages 5.{1,2,4}
24 Notes Handout Pset Amplifiers in Feedback 6.1.{1-4},9.{2-3}
25 Notes Handout Oscillators See TI Note
26 Notes Handout Review via Op-Amp Design 6.2, 6.8 (ish)