Matthew Spencer

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
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My calendar is embedded below. If you'd like a meeting with me, please consult this calendar and request the meeting during a time that I'm available. You must request the meeting by emailing me. If you'd like to talk to me about a class that I'm teaching, please feel free to drop by during my office hours, which should be visible in the calendar.


Years without links were hosted on Sakai, so the materials are not publicly available.


Research Interests

Internal Research Wiki

Broadly, I'm interested in efficient computation, communication links, and circuits which interact with "weird" physics. Those interests have inspired many of the projects below.

My work at Mudd includes characterizing ground plane noise in PCBs, simulating phase change memory macros, and investigating applications of radio frequency design techniques to underwater communication links.

During my graduate studies I tried to build computers out of tiny mechanical switches (MEMS, for micro-electro-mechanical sytems). An introductory level article on this work was published by IEEE Spectrum. Detailed descriptions of the work are in the papers below.