E151/3 SP20

Introduction to Analog Design


Meeting Time Location
Lecture 1:15-2:30 T/R Shan 2450
Office Hours 9:30-11:0AM M Parsons 2358
Office Hours 1-2:30PM M Parsons 2358
Lab Hours 9:00-12:00 F Analog Lab
Open Lab Any time E80 isn't there Analog Lab
Lab Tutoring 1:00-3:00 Saturday Analog Lab
Lab Tutoring 1:00-3:00 Sunday Analog Lab

Labs and Design Projects

Due Manual Lab Name Scope Lesson
1/27 Lab 01 Loading and the Mystery Box Probe care, RLC meter, 1x/10x Setting
2/03 Lab 02 Diode Current Measurements Supply & Measure Precision, Loading
2/10 Lab 03 Measuring BJT Parameters Coupling, Invert, BW Limit
2/17 Lab 04 Common Emitter Amplifier Spotting instability, Decap, Layout
2/24 DP1 Design Project 1 Week 1 Probs Triggering (auto, normal, single)
3/02 DP1 DP1: Multistage Amplifier Design
3/09 Lab 05 MOSFETs, Mirror, Active Load Hold Off, "Add Noise" on Fn. Gen.
3/13 Lab 06 References vs. Temp and Vdd Averaging and Persistence
Spring Break
3/30 Lab 07/08 Dynamics Week 1 Probs None, off for Cesar Chavez
4/06 Lab 07/08 Dynamics Week 2 L+C Pickup, Coupling, Grounding
4/13 Lab 09 Op-Amp 1: Differential Amp Diff Measurements, Poor Man's Balun
4/20 Lab 10 Op-Amp 2: Output Stage Squaring for Power, Power Ratings
4/27 DP2 Design Project 2 Problems Sync, Line Trigger, Injection Locking
5/1 DP2 DP2: Op-Amp Gain and Feedback


Lecture Notes, Handouts, Readings

Date Resources Title G&M section
1/21 Notes Handout Intro and Linear Network Theory Review No book
1/23 Notes Handout Test Sources and Dynamics Review 3.1 (ish)
1/28 Notes Handout Two Ports and Introduction to Diodes 1.2
1/30 Notes Handout Diodes, Resistors and Small Signals No book
2/04 Notes Handout Introduction to Bipolar Junction Transistors 1.3.{1-3}
2/06 Notes Handout Small Signal Models and PNP Devices 1.4 (ish)
2/11 Notes Handout Common Emitter Amplifiers and Biasing 3.3.1
2/13 Notes Handout Amplifier Design Process and Voltage Swing No Book
2/18 Notes Handout CE w/ Degeneration, Small Signal Patterns 3.3.8
2/20 Notes Handout Emitter Follower and Multistage Analysis 3.3.6
2/25 Notes Handout Common Base Amplifier and Active Loads 3.3.{3,5}
2/27 Notes Handout Current Mirrors 4.2.{1-3,5}
3/03 Notes Handout Introduction to MOSFETs 1.5-6
3/05 Notes Handout Overdrive and Design with FETs No Book
3/10 Midterm
3/12 Notes Handout Band Gaps and Current Sources 4.4 (selected)
3/17 Spring Break
3/29 Spring Break
3/24 Notes Handout Dynamic Model of BJT 1.2.1, 1.4.{2,7,8}
3/26 Notes Handout PZ Plots, CE Dynamics and Miller 7.2.1
3/31 Notes Handout Open and Short Circuit Time Constants 7.3.{1,2,4}
4/02 Notes Handout Cascode, Mirror, EF/CB Dynamics, 7.2.2-3
4/07 Notes Handout Differential Pairs 3.5.{1-2, 4-6}
4/09 Notes Handout More Differential Pairs 3.5.6, 7.3.4
4/14 Notes Handout Output Stages 5.{1,2,4}
4/16 Notes Handout Op-Amp Design 6.2, 6.8 (ish)
4/21 Notes Handout Amplifiers in Feedback 6.1.{1-4},9.{2-3}
4/23 Notes Handout Oscillators See TI Note
4/28 Notes Handout Review No Book
4/30 Notes Special Topic No Book