Introduction to Radio Frequency Circuit Design
Warhol-like print of Chebyshev filters
Warhol Chebyshev Filters
Lauren Hu '18
Isabel Martos-Repath '18


Labs and Design Projects

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Lecture Notes, Handouts, Readings

# Resources Title References
01 Notes Handout Intro and Maxwell's Equation Review Perrott Notes
02 Notes Handout Near Field, Wave Equation, Lumped vs. Distributed Lee 2.3, video
03 Notes Handout Fields to voltages, Telegrapher Equation, Microstrips Lee 2.6
04 Notes Handout Microstrips, Propagation, Terminated Lines Lee 2.7
05 Notes Handout Reflection Coefficient and Propagation Examples Lee 2.7
06 Notes Handout Line Propagation, VSWR, Impedance Transformations Lee 2.7, video
07 Notes Handout Impedance Transformation, Smith Chart introduction Lee 3.1
08 Notes Handout Smith Chart Coordinate System, Examples Lee 3.2, video
09 Notes Handout Smith Chart Applications Lee 3.2, video
10 Notes Handout Two-Port Theory and S-Parameter Introduction Lee 3.3, 8.4
11 Notes Handout Vector Network Analyzers and S-Parameters Lee 8.4
12 Notes Handout Filter Parameters and Design Lee 22.4-5
13 Notes Handout Power Transfer and S-parameters Lee 3.4, 4.2
14 Notes Handout Power Gain and Impedance Matching Lee 4.3.1, 7.6
15 Notes Handout Impedance Matching Networks Lee 21.2-4
16 Notes Handout What Causes Radiation? Near vs. Far Field, Friis Lee 21.2-3
17 Notes Handout Midterm Review, Aperture, Polarization, Link Budgets Lee 21.4
18 Notes Handout Radiation Patterns, Antenna Circuit Models, Dipoles Lee 21.5
19 Notes Handout Patch Antennas, Introduction to Noise Lee 21.6
20 Notes Handout Noise in Cascaded Amplifiers Lee 14.2
21 Notes Handout Quantization Noise, Spectrum Analyzers Lee 19.3
22 Notes Handout Introduction to Linearity and Distortion Niknejad Notes
23 Notes Handout Distortion Metrics and Intermodulation Niknejad Notes
24 Notes Handout Linearity and Distortion Review Niknejad Notes
25 Notes Handout Communication System Architectures Perrott Notes
26 Notes Handout Mixer Specifications, Comm. System Example Digikey Link
27 Notes Handout Stability and PCB Layout Techniques Lee 12.7, 7.2-3