E80 The Ultimate Adventure

Flight Hardware Overview

Rockets and Avionics

The rockets used in connection with E80 can be divided into research rockets (Mudd I, Mudd II, and Payloader One) and class rockets (Mudd IIIA, Mudd IIIB, Mudd IIIC, Mudd IV, and E-Z Payloader). Basic information on the rockets is given in Table 1. Details are on The Rockets page, and details on individual rockets can be found in the individual links. The research rockets were used to answer specific question regarding the feasibilty of specific measurements or data links for the class. The class rockets are the ones flown by the students who are taking E80.

The avionics can be divided into commercially available hardware and hardware developed for the class. We would prefer to use COTS hardware for everything but the market hasn't caught up with our needs just yet

Table 1 – Summary of E80 Rockets
Designation Source Service Dates Len. Dia. Wt. Material
Mudd I PML Kit 11/06-11/06 71" 3" 4.4 lbs Quantum
Mudd II Custom 6/07-6/08 76" 2⅛" 4.4 lbs Carbon/Kevlar Composite
Mudd IIIA Custom 1/08-5/09 48" 1.5" 2 lbs Polycarbonate
Mudd IIIB Custom 1/08-5/09 48" 2.25" 2.8 lbs Polycarbonate
Mudd IIIC Custom 1/08-5/09 48" 3.14" 3.8 lbs Polycarbonate
Mudd IV Custom In Dev. TBD TBD TBD Kevlar Composite
Payloader One Quest Kit 6/08-6/08 16.4" 1.0" 0.12 lbs Glassine Tubing
Q E-Z Payloader Quest Kit 6/08-4/09 21.5" 1.2" 0.22 lbs Glassine Tubing
Quest Penetrator Quest Kit 1/11-Present 37" 1.38"

0.25 lbs

Glassine Tube
Phobos PML Kit 1/11-Present 57" 2.1" 2 lbs Quantum
X-Calibur PML Kit 1/11-Present 46" 2.1" 2 lbs Quantum


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