Fall 2019 Project Reports

Designers Project
O. Aleman and L. Vichez Bluetooth Remotely-Operated Car
R. Alkhamis and S. Griffith LED Visual Art
R. Bingham and J. Watts The MicroPs Prisoner's Racetrack
J. Cartwright and K. Favakeh Audio Equalizer LED Display
A. Chang and M. Crane LCD Spectrum Visualizer
S. Clifner and E. Hedenberg Dance, Dance Revolution!
V. Cortes and R. Harris Neural Network Accelerator for Image Classification
R. Farias Zorrilla and N. Boorstin Pel
M. Gao and D. Torres Etch-A-Sketch Maze Generator
E. Hassman and W. Ives Reaction Wheel Inverted Pendulum
K. Hoe and A. Trikha Single Axis Solar Tracking System
S. Hoerger and A. Smith 3D Etch-a-Sketch
J. King and A. Trujillo LED Rubik's Cube
H. Limm and A. Moody Magic See-Saw
S. Malpani and M. Yao LED Snake with Tilt Controls
E. Meike and C. Norfleet Hard Drive Rock
F. Munoz and N. Naar Gravity Game
M. Nara and R. Zhang LED Fan
A. Pham and D. ShangGuan Bluetooth Accelerometer for Data Collection
D. Sobek and J. Liang Bead Maze with LED Matrix and Accelerometer
S. Ting and A. Pham Stepper Motor Music
I. Zinda and O. Gillespie Generative Art