Applying to Work in the Lape Lab

Are you interested in working on the Nanocomposite Membrane or Transdermal Transport Research Team? Please note that I hire once a year during the fall semester, and I require a one-year commitment, including the spring semester, the 10-week summer research period, and the following fall semester. During the academic year, you will receive academic credit; in the summer, you will receive a stipend. If you are interested in an intensive research experience with guaranteed attendance at conference and willing to commit to three credits per semester, you might also consider applying to be a Lewis Professional Research Fellow.

Here is the general schedule for hiring:

The following application materials are required:

  1. A statement of your interest in research in general. Please indicate how many units you would be able to sign up for (typically between one and three) in the upcoming spring and fall semesters and briefly explain how adding these additional units per semester year would fit into your academic plan. Note that each unit requires three hours of research work per week plus meetings.
  2. A statement of your interest in a particular project or projects. Include information on your relevant background or desire to learn specified skills.
  3. The names of two HMC professors who could provide references on your work style. Professors from project or lab classes might be especially good choices.
  4. An unofficial copy of your transcript (you may cut and paste this directly from the portal).