Fall 2009 Project Reports

Designers Project Video
L. Altman & M. Ong MIDI Synthesizer View
A. Amert & E. Magnusson Rhythm Game View
D. Ayers & R. Grimes Automatic Beverage Mixer View
K. Baran and T. Lee Battleship View
R, Billingsley Tacticmaster View
D. Bujalski & J. Karras Etch-a-Sketch View
I. Bullock & J. Lam MIDI Synthesizer View
C. de Freitas & P. Pruitt Freelining Quadropod View
C. Ferguson & M. Keeter Audio Signal Analyzer View
R. Glick & M. Wishman Simon View
C. Goudet M&M Color Sorter View
A. Grammar & I. Jimenez Psychologist Robot View
A. Guillen & A. Russell MIDI Synthesizer View
K. Hsu and A. Pozo Space Invaders! View
C. Jolivet and L. Nishioku Score Four View
J. Kang and N. Propato Connect Four View
J. Karl and K. Mcafee Simon View
C. Koo and D. Yakovlev Multi-Track Drum Loop Recorder View
W. Koven and A. Macrae VGA Etch-a-Sketch View
B. Liu and R. Robinson Color Recognizer View
N. M'Tarrah and K. Straube Collectorbot View