Fall 2017 Project Reports

Designers Project
E. Atchison and Z. Lobo LED Audio Visualizer
K. Belling and A. Zhang Digital Music Box
B. Brown and B. Iten Heart Rate Monitor
L. Carlos and D. Kwan Infrared Thermography
S. Chang and L. Liu Landing Rate Tempo
D. Crowley and R. Kothari Subatomic Song Display
N. Draper and J. Villegas Oscilloscope
A. Echeverria and I. Martos-Repath MicrOscope
H. Fang and T. Jenrungrot uCoin
T. Fung Digital Storage Oscilloscope
L. Hu and S. Wang Ukucorn
K. Joly and R. Liu Painting Monitoring System
N. Kadonaga and L. Liang The Orange
K. Kaneshina and G. Quiroz LED Pacman
C. Kotcherha and N. Sakowski Gesture-Controlled LED Orb
A. Lutzker and G. Rubin Digital Music Synthesizer
S. Mahre and O. Morrison Guitar Tuner
S. Michaels and W. Sanchez-Dupont Virtual Input Glove
S. Misoglu LED Snake
E. Poss and C. Stiff Cloud Lamp
S. Seetharaman and C. vanEijk Connect 4
Z. Shattler and C.J. Xin Stroboscope Instrument Tuner