E158: Introduction to CMOS VLSI Design

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Textbook Links
Computer Organization and Design
Logical Effort
Skew-Tolerant Circuit Design
Cramming more components onto integrated circuits (G. Moore)
Intercultural Learning through Technology: Turkey(watch Video)
MOSIS IC Fabrication
MOSIS SCMOS Design Rules
IRSIM Tutorial
IRSIM User Manual (pdf)
SPICE3 manual
HSPICE Manual (HMC Only)
HSPICE Quick Reference (HMC Only)
VLSI Links
Problem Sets
PS 1
PS 2
PS 3
PS 4 (Datasheet)
PS 5
PS 6 (Muddle Docs)
Spring 2001 Projects
DAC Student Projects
Turkey Slide Show
Electric 02-24-03
Lab 1: e158.elib
Lab 2: fulladder.cmd
Lab 3: alu.cmd
Lab 4:
  • std_mudd.lib
  • std_mudd.db
  • controller.v
  • controller.cmd
  • alucontrol.cmd

  • Lab 5:
  • mips.cmd
  • mips_sch.arr
  • mips_lay.arr
  • muddpads11_ami05.elib

  • Final Project
    Final Project Grading Sheet
    Lecture 0: Introduction
    Lecture 1: CMOS Circuits and Layout
    Lecture 2: Microprocessor Example
    Lecture 3: MOS Transistor Theory
    Lecture 4: DC Gate Characteristics
    Lecture 5: Logical Effort
    Lecture 6: Interconnect Engineering
    Lecture 7: Simulation
    Lecture 8: Combinational Circuits
    Lecture 9: Circuit Families
    Lecture 10: Sequential Circuits
    Lecture 11: Adders
    Lecture 12: Datapath Functions
    Lecture 13: SRAM
    Lecture 14: ROMs, CAMs, PLAs
    Lecture 15: Nonideal Transistors
    Lecture 16: Circuit Pitfalls
    Lecture 17: Design for Test
    Lecture 18: Design for Low Power
    Lecture 19: Design for Skew
    Lecture 20: Special Purpose Systems
    Lecture 21: Scaling & Economics
    Lecture 22: CPU Hall of Fame
    Logical Effort
    Prof. David Harris
    Kevin Alley
    Dan Chan
    Kevin Chu
    Galen Chui
    Andrew Cole
    Brad Greer
    Shamit Grover
    Ko Ihara
    Nicole Kang
    Kyle Kelley
    Karen Lee
    Tommy Leung
    Mark Locascio
    Renee Logan
    Franck Luu
    Chuck Matlack
    Shane Ouchi
    Brian Putnam
    Quan Quach
    Daniel Rinzler
    Josh Smallman
    Keith Stevens
    Knut Strom-Jensen
    Waley Tam
    Alex Utter
    Philip Vegdahl
    Daniel Woo