Fall 2016 Project Reports

Designers Project
J. Lauw & Y. Hegde Tilt Motion Controlled Vehicle
C. Robinson and A. Ozdemir Graphical Input Peripheral
M. Beck, K. Kohl, and S. Shah SoundCube
T. Despres and H. Khan Dancing Fountain
A. Goldstein and J. Wu Real-Time Music Transcriber
H. Balliet and J. Palmer LED Music Visualizer
S. Joseph and C. Goins Heart Rate-Controlled Music Player
H. Khan and J. Naik Two-Axis Internet Controlled Pneumatic T-Shirt Cannon
J. Lam and T. Berrueta Web-Enabled Speaker and Equalizer
R. Linden and P. Slaats LED Tetris
T. Zhu and J. Wong Stable Hovering for Quadcopter Using PID Algorithm
W. Qin and Y. Yang Remote Robot Waypoint Planner