Fall 2006 Project Reports

AM Demodulator Eddy Chavarria and Danny La Valle
Three-Stage Coil Gun Dan Pivonka and Michael Pugh
Customer counter and Watch Jordan Bonnet and Benoit Courtade
Data Acquisition System for E80 Andrew Giles and Anu Kohli
Electrocardiogram Analyzer Nick Evans and Nancy Yu
Laser Guided RC Vehicle Mike Chan and Matt Williams
Laser Painting Ronn Gruer and Cassie Chou
The LightBox Dane Lindblad and Neel Shah
Pi Memory Game Chris Acon and Andy Chin
Musical Shoes Nathaniel Schlossberg and John Parker
PID Motor Controller Amir Adibi and Andrew Danowitz
Pong (code) Jonathan Beall and Austin Katzin
PIC Tetris Philip Amberg and Kevin Zielnicki
TinyOS Matt Jeffryes and Josiah Larson