Art 100

Introduction to Digital Photography

Assignment Schedule

Assignments All photography involves camera work and printing work. Depending on the digital camera that you use, there may be only minor differences between your camera work and use of a normal SLR 35mm camera. Printing, however, will involve transfer of data to your computer, use of PhotoShop (or other software), and use of the Epson 900 InkJet printer. Assignments will cover both of these features. The objective in digital photography is ultimately identical with the objective in all photography; it is to produce images that you want to share with others. You should build a portfolio of images that you will submit to me at semester's end. Also, at the end of the semester, we will plan a show of your best images.

Early in the semester, I would like to have you work on basic camera issues and basic printing. We will have a couple critique sessions in order to discuss what you've done. As the semester develops, we will have time to work on more advanced camera issues and some more advanced printing techniques. The frequency of critiques will increase.

I am setting up a shared folder for Art 100 on the file server Charlie. This is in the "Courses" domain and in the "Humsoc" folder. All students registered for the class have access to this folder and each student will have a subfolder under his/her name. For the critique sessions, you should place up-to six images reflecting your week's work in your folder. We will display your images in the classroom and discuss them. I will have a laptop and digital projector available at each class meeting. Meanwhile, you should begin making some prints of your work in order to become proficient at printing; you are welcome to bring these to class as well.

It is assumed that you will get out into the field and do some camera work every week. While specific reading assignments are not made, it is also assumed that you will read appropriate sections in the text as well as the course notes provided on this WebSite. In addition, you should study portfolios and WebSites for professional artists; you will be asked to report on one of these figures early in the second half of the semester.

Date Time Assignment for This Class Meeting Class Time Use
Jan 19th 1:15 Bring camera equipment. Read The Digital Camera and Darkroom Orientation
Jan 26th 1:15 Digital Exposure Basics: take some pictures and process files. Read "Digital Camera I". Note: Please avoid taking pictures of people until we discuss portraiture! We will critique these images and discuss any problems with exposure.
Feb 2nd 1:15 Experiment with exposure issues and basic PhotoShop processing. Read "Digital Processing I" We will review your work and continue to discuss basic exposure and processing issues.
Feb 9th 1:15 Experiment with image-management issues: Zone System. Read first part of "Digital Camera II". Submit all of this week's images in Black&White. Critique Session
Feb 16th 1:15 Experiment with image-management issues: Composition. Read to end of "Digital Camera II". Workshop: Dealing with exposure problems in PhotoShop
Feb 23rd 1:15 Experiment with image-management issues: Composition. Read DigitalProcessingII: Advanced Techniques. Field Trip to Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena
Mar 2nd 1:15 Advanced issues in composition: Portraiture Workshop: Printing and some more advanced problems in PhotoShop
Mar 9th 1:15 Advanced issues in composition: Class Challenge (Unique Perspectives) Critique session
Mar 16th 1:15 Spring Break! Take lots of photos
Mar 23rd 1:15 Develop and submit Portfolio Ideas Discussion on portfolio development. We will look at photos you took over break.
Mar 30th 1:15 Begin portfolio development No Class: Caesar Chavez Day
Apr 6th 1:15 Camera work on portfolio topics AND work on Art-Portfolio Reports Late Class Today: Stephen Lehmer to talk about his show (3:00-4:30) Reception follows
Apr 13th 1:15 Finish Camera work on portfolio topics Critique session
Apr 20th 1:15 Prepare portfolio demos Critique demos AND hand in Art-Portfolio Reports
Apr 27th 1:15 Final preparation for shows Final critique session and preparation for show
Monday, April 30th All Day Show in Galileo Foyer Portfolios due no later than Friday, May 4th

Updated on September 28, 2006