Matthew Spencer

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
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My calendar is embedded below. If you'd like a meeting with me, please consult this calendar and request the meeting during a time that I'm available. You must request the meeting by emailing me. If you'd like to talk to me about a class that I'm teaching, please feel free to drop by during any of my office hours, which should be visible in the calendar.


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My work at Mudd includes characterizing MEM relays, designing marine ultrasound systems and studying learning in laboratories and other hands-on, group activities. I am pursuing some exploratory work in circuit generators, an emerging method of designing integrated circuits and PCBs using programmatic interfaces.

I pursue this work in close collaboration with undergraduate students in the ACE (Analog Circuit Engineering) Lab, which is housed in Parsons 2381. Working in the ACE lab trains students to be circuit experts, social science enthusiasts, engaging communicators and persistent, independent researchers.

During my graduate studies I built computers out of tiny mechanical switches (called MEMS relays). An introductory level article on this work was published by IEEE Spectrum. Detailed descriptions of the work are in my publications below.

Publications are available at my Google Scholar Profile