cif2ps is a program developed by David Money Harris at Harvey Mudd College to plot CIF files. It handles color and pseudo-transparency, producing what we consider to be more attractive plots than the Cadence printing tool. It has been tested on Linux but has also run on Windows. Use at your own risk. No support is available.

cif2ps is installed on If you are not at HMC, you can download the tool and sample files here.

Sample output (click for high-resolution PDF)

E158 Spring 2008: 6502 Microprocessor

Simple array multiplier

E158 Spring 2008: MIPS processor with PLA control
Designed in Electric. See Labs 1-4. Featured in CMOS VLSI Design 4th Ed.

E158 Spring 2010: MIPS processor with synthesized control
Designed with Cadence and Synopsys tools. See Labs 1-4 and Brunvand's flow.

E158 Spring 2010: Blackjack by Z. Flom and M. Streshinsky