E155: Microprocessor-based Systems

This site provides brief guides instructing how to use different peripherals with the PIC18F452 and/or the Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA. These guides are meant to be educational and aim to discuss the basics and theory behind the actual operation of each device.

The MicroToys project is coordinated by Professor David Money Harris and Professor Sarah Harris through Harvey Mudd students Dan Chan, Kevin Lloyd, Nathaniel Pinckney, Dan Rinzler, and Rajdeep Roy.

MicroToy Guides
Title Description    
Kevin Lloyd & Rajdeep Roy
Connect a CrystalFontz LCD to the PIC through a parallel connection.
Nathaniel Pinckney
Connect DC brushed, stepper and servo motors to the PIC.
Pressure Sensor
Dan Rinzler
Connect a various sized pressure sensors to the PIC.
PS2 Mouse
Nathaniel Pinckney
Connect a standard PS2 mouse to the PIC.
Kevin Lloyd & Rajdeep Roy
Connect the SpeakJet voice synthesizer to the PIC through a serial connection.
Dan Rinzler
Connect the PIC to a VGA monitor.
Shaft Encoder
Andrew Danowitz and Amir Adibi (2007)
Determine the angular position of a motor shaft.