Art 50/150
Black&White Photography

The Darkrooms

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department maintains two darkrooms. One is in the basement of Parsons Hall (B163); and the other is in the sub-basement of Keck (SB32). Art 50 uses the Parsons darkroom and Art 150 uses Keck.

Each of the darkrooms consists of a largish room connected to the hallway through a small light-lock double-door entryway. There are two sides to the darkroom -- the wet side and the dry side. (The Keck darkroom has a somewhat more confusing organization but the principle is the same.) Do not confuse or defeat this design by doing inappropriate procedures on either side! The wet side is for mixing chemicals, developing films, processing papers, etc. The dry side is for setting up enlargements, cropping papers, handling dry negatives, making exposures, writing notes, etc.

If a person is already at work in the darkroom, the second door will be closed and the sign should tell you that the darkroom is in use. You must knock before entering. Do not enter until the occupant gives you an OK. Be sure, when you finish your work in the darkroom, to flip the sign and leave the inner door open.

There is some drawer space on the dry side in which to keep personal property. Do not leave person property anywhere else in the darkroom.

Access --- All students enrolled in any one of the photography classes have darkroom access automatically. Other HMC students may be given access, but they must demonstrate competence first. (See Professor Beckman)

Please do not give the darkroom access code to anyone!

Only those qualified to use the darkroom should have the access code.

Maintenance --- It is absolutely imperative that you clean up after your work in the darkroom. You must leave the darkroom as clean and neat as you found it. Fine art photography cannot be achieved in a state of chaos!

Photography students --- We will keep the darkrooms supplied with chemicals for both film development and paper processing. Please help us all out by making careful, clear records of chemical mixing and use. We will also maintain a supply of glossy 8X10 paper for making proof sheets and multigrade 5X7 print papers for making working prints for your assignments. Later in the semester, you may need to provide your own paper for printing. Claremont Camera is a good source for a wide variety of papers.

Others Using the Darkroom --- For occasional darkroom use, you may use the chemicals supplied; otherwise, please bring your own chemicals. You must bring your own papers for printing. If you wish to leave a small supply of chemicals and papers in the darkroom, use one of the cabinets or drawers and clearly mark your name & date.

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