Microtonal Music of Lou Harrison

Sunday, April 8, 2001 8:00 PM
Preconcert talk at 7:30 PM

Lyman Hall
Thatcher Music Building
Corner of Fourth and College
Pomona College
Claremont CA

-- P R O G R A M --

Serenade for Guitar with Percussion (1978)

1. Round
2. Air
3. Infinite Canon
4. Usul (Homage to Sinan)
5. Sonata
Just intonation guitarJohn Schneider
PercussionGene Sterling

Suite from Young Caesar (1969-71)

1. Shadow Scene and Procession
2. Lullaby
3. Whirling Dance
4. Prelude to Scene ii
ViolinRachel Huang
HarpMary Dropkin
PercussionLinda Michelou
PercussionBill Alves

Music for Corneille's Cinna (1955-56)

Tack-pianoGenevieve Feiwen Lee

The Geography of Heaven (1935) for nine strings in quarter-tones [*world premiere]

ViolinWendy Waggener
ViolinJonathan Wright
ViolinElena Shih (POM '04)
ViolinMatt Ferguson (POM '03)
ViolaCynthia Fogg
ViolaCaitlin Olsen (POM '03)
CelloElizabeth Verner (POM '02)
CelloJessica Hans (POM '03)
BassLisa Gass
ConductorEric Lindholm

-- I N T E R M I S S I O N --

Threnody for Oliver Daniel (1990)

HarpMary Dropkin

Serenade for Guitar (for Frank Wigglesworth) (1952)

Just intonation guitarJohn Schneider

Praises for Michael the Archangel (1946-47)

OrganCarey Robertson

Suite for Harp:
Avalokiteshvara (1964)
Music for Bill and Me (1967-68)
Beverly's Troubadour Piece (1967)
HarpMary Dropkin
PercussionJohn Schneider
PercussionGene Sterling

Threnody for Carlos Chavez (1978)

ViolaCynthia Fogg
The Pomona College Gamelan

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