The Early Years [1929 - 1950]

Performed by Just Strings

Friday, April 6, 2001 8:00 PM
Preconcert talk at 7:30 PM

Lyman Hall
Thatcher Music Building
Corner of Fourth and College
Pomona College
Claremont CA

-- P R O G R A M --

San Francisco: A Setting of the Cries of Two Newsboys on a Street Corner (1943)
2 Baritones
Adapted cello

My Heart Keeps Beating Time (1929)
PianoDennis Parnell

Li Po Lyrics [excerpts] (1933)
BaritoneJohn Schneider
Adapted violaWilliam Skeen

Psalm 29: The Lord is my Shepherd (1932)
BaritoneJohn Schneider
Adapted violaWilliam Skeen

Bitter Music: excerpts from hobo journal (1935)
BaritoneJohn Schneider
PianoDennis Parnell

U.S. Highball (1943/58)
Film featuring Harry Partch & musicians (1968)

-- I N T E R M I S S I O N --

Barstow: Eight Hitchhiker's Inscriptions (1941)
1. Today I Am a Man
2. Gentlemen
3.Considered Pretty
4.A very Good Idea
5. Possible Rides
6. Jesus Was God in the Flesh
7. You Lucky Women
8. Why in Hell did you Come?
Baritone/Adapted Guitar IJohn Schneider

Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales (1950) arr. Schneider
KitharaRebecca Raff
Adapted Guitar IJohn Schneider

Letter from Hobo Pablo (1943)
Baritone/Adapted Guitar IJohn Schneider
KitharaRebecca Raff

December 1942: Come Away Death, The Heron, The Rose
Baritone/Adapted Guitar IJohn Schneider

3 Intrusions: The Rose, The Crane, The Waterfall (1949)
Baritone/Adapted Guitar IJohn Schneider
Diamond marimbaGene Sterling

Just Strings

John Schneider:Baritone/Guitar I & II/Harp
Gene Sterling:Diamond marimba
Rebecca Raff:Harp/kithara I
William Skeen:adapted 'cello
Dennis Parnell:Voice/keyboards

John Schneider is an internationally recognized guitarist, composer, author and broadcaster whose weekly television and radio programs have brought the sound of the guitar into millions of homes for the past fifteen years. He holds a Ph.D.. in Physics and Music from the University of Wales, music degrees from the University of California and the Royal College of Music [London], and is past President of the Guitar Foundation of America. For the past two decades, the artist has performed almost exclusively on the Well-Tempered Guitar which uses different patterns of fretting according to the key, or the tuning system required. A specialist in contemporary music, Schneider's The Contemporary Guitar (University of California Press) has become the standard text in the field. He has performed in Europe, Japan and throughout North America, and has been featured soloist at New Music America, and on NPR's "Performance Today" and PRI's "New Sounds". Most recently he has been featured in New York's American Festival of Microtonal Music, Denver's Microstock '95 and '97, California's annual Mozart Festival, the Da Camera Society's Chamber Music in Historical Sites, and Southwest Chamber Music's Radical P.A.S.T. He works as a music Professor at Pierce College in Los Angeles, is music critic for Soundboard magazine, and is the artistic director of MicroFest.

John Schneider's recording of the guitar music of Lou Harrison was released by Etcetera Records [Holland] in 1990, and his recording Just West Coast [Bridge Records BCD 9071] was chosen "CD of the Year" by CD Review in 1994. In 1995, his chamber trio Just Strings was invited by the Japanese Embassy to present a series of lectures and concerts throughout Japan under the auspices of the prestigious Interlink Festival which annually selects one American ensemble to represent new trends in American Music. The group's latest CD Sasha Matson: Range of Light was released by New Albion Records in 1997.

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